Sharing a broad vision:
Harmonise spatial information for a sustainable development in Europe.

The main goal of the Humboldt Application Scenarios is employment of the developed framework components in real world conditions. The Humboldt Application Scenarios are both, a test bed and a community driven research environment. Moreover, this activity contributes to the full realisation of the sustainability of the Humboldt Framework.

The following application scenarios are covered by the Humboldt project:

Picture Athmosphere


Provision of location-based personalised air quality information. Read more …

Picture Border Security

Border Security

This scenario aims to enable effective border control and security. Read more …

Picture Atmophere

European Risk Atlas

Cross-border disaster management application for command and control centres. Read more …

Picture Forest


Land cover and vegetation integration with data for water resources, risk management and security. Read more …

Picture Ocean


Application for assessing and managing marine and ocean oil/contaminants spill crises. Read more …

Picture Protected Areas

Protected Areas

Integrated management of nature resources by national and regional bodies, also for tourism exploitation Read more …

Picture Sustainable Urban Atlas

Sustainable Urban Atlas

Harmonisation of key variables of urban development also in responses to climate change. Read more …

Picture Transboundary Catchment

Transboundary Catchment

Cross-border data harmonisa­tion to support trans-boundary catchment management. Read more …

Picture Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Spatial data harmonization of background data used in urban/ spatial planning & other spatial data sources. Read more …