European Risk Atlas

[picture] Environmental Risk by Michael Bezzina Gauges in the Lake Constance Region

The European Risk Atlas (ERiskA) Scenario aims at developing a cross-border disaster manage­ment application for the Lake Constance Region which includes Swiss, Austrian and German territories. This application can be used as an add-on to existing emergency operation systems at command and control centres dealing with the different steps in the disaster management cycle (e.g. prevention, preparedness, response) in the case of floods. ERiskA will facilitate cross-border cooperation between the agencies responsible for disaster management in the Lake Constance Region by enabling the exchange of information on potentially flooded areas and inundation of infrastructure like roads and railways.

The ERiskA application is developed by the HUMBOLDT partners Technische Universität München, Intergraph SG&I Deutschland GmbH and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Data providers include the mapping agencies Landesvermessungsamt Feldkirch (Austria), Landesamt für Geoinformation und Landentwicklung Baden Württemberg (Germany), Landesamt für Vermessung und Geoinformation Bayern (Germany) and swisstopo (Switzerland).