Protected Areas

[picture] Protected Areas by Michael Bezzina

The Protected Areas Scenario aims at the implementation of geoinformation, managed by park authorities, into a seamless flow that congregates several information throughout all levels of available sources (European, national, regional), and furthermore, at its exploitation for planning, management and tourism promotion.

For the use cases of this Scenario detailed user stories have been told to address and investigate management, planning and tourism valorisation of Protected Areas. The scenario supports harmonisation processes in interaction among various local stakeholders and management bodies, among national authorities and European agencies, among administrative bodies for joint projects and monitoring actions at the national and trans-national level.

Highly different data sets need to be used together, from biodiversity, land cover information to data for planning, management and promotion of Protected Areas.

Humboldt's Training Platform provides you with more information about data harmonisation, Protected Sites and the INSPIRE Directive. The Scenario related courses (Level 3) offer you access to best-practice examples of how to achieve data and service harmonisation in this domain demonstrating the advantages of the HUMBOLDT Framework and its strong relation to INSPIRE principles.