Transboundary Catchment

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This Scenario addresses the issues of catchments crossing national borders, managed by different states in often conflicting ways. The Transboundary Catchments Scenario is focused on specific data harmonisation needs in the creation of a hydrological model for a transboundary catchments area.

Soon, more information can be found on Humboldt's Training Platform. The Scenario related courses (Level 3) that are developed currently will offer you access to a descriptive context of the catchment domain, its harmonisation needs and specific use cases. In the training material you will find a general frame about the catchment domain and documentation describing the work with the Humboldt Framework Tools through a special application case called 'Catchment Modelling: Harmonisation of Datasets Required for Rainfall-Runoff Modelling'. This case focuses on pointing out different data harmonization problems, mechanism and techniques taken to solve the transboundary datasets problem while developing a transboundary rainfall-runoff (RR) model, as an example on a catchment between Italy and France.